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VALNTINO is a New York born DJ/Producer responsible for earning a distinct reputation within the music industry.


An official Ambassador of the top selling DJAY program, VALNTINO has developed a proven appreciation for the needs of the American audience and recognizes the importance of staying on top of the latest International music scene. This unique style has attracted the attention of many and has progressively led him to play at exclusive places such as Miu J’adore (Italy), Pacha (NYC), Galleria Gastronomica (Barcelona), Necker Island as well as at legendary fashion events for Louis Vuitton, Giuseppe Zanotti and Saks Fifth Avenue. He has also been a guest speaker at Apple Stores in NYC demonstrating the DJAY app.


Most recently, VALNTINO has been focused on working in the studio as a producer/songwriter and has recently released “Love’s the Answer” featuring the popular singer GTO.


VALNTINO has taken his productions to the next level after recently partnering up with legendary producer/songwriter Rob Fusari, best known for developing and producing Lady Gaga. They are currently working on many big projects for the coming year.


VALNTINO is prepared to take his talents to the next level with new music releases as well as a new DJ consumer product that promises to be revolutionary.


VALNTINO promises to make a global impact in the world of electronic music.


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